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BHL Smart Neck Massager

Description & Details:

BHL's  smart neck massager gives a soothing massage while the relaxation inducing heating pads melts all your stress away. 

The remote control operation allows for different massage programs and speeds to be changed without moving from your state of relaxation.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation has endless benefits, no need for pain relieving medications anymore!

Muscle tightness in your neck and shoulders can lead to a number of different mental and physical problems. Using BHL's smart neck massager will help alleviate your tension issues and guide you into a world of relaxation.


  • Improved mood.
  • Better sleep quality.
  • Prevent migraines and headaches.
  • Relieve mental fatigue.
  • Assist in long term pain relief.
  • Stimulate blood circulation.


  • 3D heating pads to relieve tension and soothe muscles.
  • 13 speeds and 3 massage modes to suit all body types.
  • Remote control function.
  • USB charging making it perfect for both home and travel.
  • Balloon neck protection to allow for a perfectly soothing massage.
  • Built in 1600 aph chargeable lithium battery lasting 9 hours per charge.


Color: White/Pink/Dark Blue

Size: 142*138*60mm/5.59*5.43*2.36"

Material: ABS + 304 stainless steel

Weight: 160g

Charging mode: USB

Voltage parameters: DC5V; 1A; 5W

Built-in lithium battery capacity: 1600mAh

Package Details:

1 X Remote Neck Massager

1 X USB Charger Cable

1 X Remote Controller

1 X English User Manual



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