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Magic Tape Double Sided Nano Tape

Our Double-Sided Washable Nano Tape is made of a super strong gel material, you'll be able to find an infinite amount of uses for it around the home. Use it to hang pictures to the wall or attach rugs to the floor so they don't slide, when you want ot reuse it just peel it off and wash it under the sink and it's like new, you can wash it up to 600 times!

Use this tape to hang items on the wall so you don't have to drill holes–it doesn't remove paint when it's peeled off! Simply cut to the desired length, stick to the surface, peel the protective layer off the other side and you're all set to attach your item.

  • Made of nano silicone gel.
  • Reusable: wash up to 600 times..
  • Doesnt' remove paint from wall. 
  • Due to popular demand, this product takes between 14-21 days to arrive.


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