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Gardening Thumb Knife

Do you love gardening? Are you fond of taking care of and grooming plants? We’re excited to offer you a product that will take good care of your green thumb! Our  Gardening Thumb Knife is  designed with  built-in knife that is perfect for  instant cutting,  picking,  pruning of vegetables, fruits, twigsbranches of a plant, and more !

Made of   imported grade A stainless steel  with an arc blade design for   safer and easier cutting. Our gardening knife has a  silicone finger cover  with a unique elasticity for safety and comfortable gardening. These are   effective and convenient  for a   one-hand picking or trimming  for more efficient gardening.

  • high-quality  - made of a premium-quality  imported grade A stainless steel with an arc blade design
  • multi-purpose  - s uitable for picking vegetables, strawberries, grapes, as well as pruning branches, and more
  • used for picking or trimming with one hand to improve work efficiency
  • unique elasticity  - it has a special rubber silicone finger cover with a unique elasticity for a safe and comfortable gardening
  • it is waterproof and puncture-resistant
  • easy to clean and store
  • for safety  - store as when you’re not using it, just cover the blade and keep it away from children

Material: silicone, stainless steel
Small (advisable for a woman): 4.4 cm x 2.3 cm
Medium (advisable for men): 5.3 cm x 2.7 cm
Package   includes: 2 x thumb knife