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Togo Wireless Curler

Togo Wireless Curler is compact and the perfect styling tool!

Amazing curls in just a few seconds:  Are you tired of using complicated curlers that do not produce the desired results? Tired of burning yourself? Well we hgave the solution, our Togo Wireless Curler, gives you amazing, beautiful curls in a few seconds. Thanks to its unique design, long battery life, wireless 360-degree operation with maximum freedom of movement. 

Voltage: 100-240v (Dual voltage)

Safety:  Customer well being is important to us, should a problem arise during the process, our device notices this immediately and switches off automatically.

Curls:  The automated hair curler intelligently distributes even heat to allow for even curls throughout your hair. 

Damage-free: Togo Wireless Curler is coated with vegetable protein, which protects the heat from contact with your hair, so that your hair is not damaged even at high temperatures.